Able Photo Resizer for Windows

Able Photo Resizer is an application with which we can resize all the images that we take with mobile phones or cameras and that are too large to embed them on a web.

The tool has the possibility to change the size of the photos in batches, as well as send them at once via email or web pages.

With it, we will save space on the hard drive thanks to the resizing, and also time, since we can resize a large number of photographs in much less time than it would take to do it one at a time.

Resizing is fully customizable, being able to set both the width and height of the photos, and change the size while maintaining the proportions of the image.

We can also change the name of each of the files and it has no problems with the formats we use, since it is capable of supporting more than 60 types of different formats, both input and output.


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