Adobe Acrobat Reader DC 2020.013.20074

The PDF format was developed by Adobe Systems in order to achieve document portability between different systems. That is, we could read a document without it being altered regardless of whether we did it on Windows, macOS or Linux and Android or iOS.

Portable Document Format has been the solution to document portability.

The first version was released in 1993 and became an open standard in 2008 with an ISO standard that establishes what it must meet to be considered as such. In fact, there are different programs to open and read this format composed of vector images, bitmaps and text, but none more appropriate than Adobe Acrobat Reader DC, a program that since its launch has received periodic updates, such as version 11 or this 2018, the last edition to date.

What is it Adobe Acrobat Reader DC? The best PDF reader

There is no doubt: it is the best reader for the format that it is capable of combine text, images, hypertext and multimedia content in the same file. What is it for? Well, for all these functions that we tell you below:

  • Open documents in PDF format and display their content.
  • Editing, converting and combining PDFs with the PRO version.
  • Various reading modes.
  • Keyboard shortcuts for handling the application.
  • Clean and simple interface to facilitate reading and working with documents.
  • Search system for words or phrases in the document.
  • Function text-to-speech suitable for people with reduced reading ability.
  • Option for submitting forms.
  • Creation of sticky notes.
  • Documents printing.
  • Text highlighting.

Keep in mind that it is the only PDF viewer capable of opening and interacting with all the types of content that we can find in these files, from forms to multimedia content. And over the years, it has been integrated into most web browsers, allowing you to open PDFs without problem while browsing.

It integrates all the functions we need to work with these files.

In it we will find a series of functions designed to optimize reading, such as the magnifying glass, the text and image selector or the functions to comment, highlight text or add notes. For this reason, no one is surprised that we can use it both in Windows 10, as in macOS or Android in APK format, without forgetting iPhone or Linux.

More security with Protected Mode

In these times, privacy and information security have become key and essential aspects. Thanks to Protected Mode You can work with documents and fill in forms, making our data less exposed to possible leaks or attacks.

What’s new in the latest version

  • This update provides new features, security mitigations, feature improvements, and bug fixes.

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