Adobe InDesign CC 2021 – Download Free

Just as Photoshop has become a standard when it comes to professional photo editing, Adobe InDesign it is at the time of create all kinds of publications, both digital and printed.

Design magazines, books, brochures and catalogs.

The program has all the tools needed to perform layout work allowing the user to work with layers, add text and images, create all kinds of tables and insert buttons or multimedia files.

Some benefits of Adobe InDesign

The application has various customizable templates, from which we can create any type of publication we want: from the manual online from a program to a business advertising brochure. Another of the great advantages are presets of prepress with which this program has, since they will facilitate the work once it is taken to the press.

In addition, by having design and editing functions, Adobe InDesign seamlessly integrates with other applications in the Adobe Creative Cloud suite such as Illustrator or Photoshop, putting in the hands of the user one of the most powerful tools for layout in the world.


  • Use of simplified tables.
  • Scaling of the effects applied to an element.
  • Tools for creation of interactive ePUB books.
  • Impresora Passthrough PDF.
  • Support for Retina HiDPI displays for Mac and Windows HiDPI computers.
  • Perfect integration with Behance.

If you want an application with which to design a traditional magazine or publish a PDF newsletter for the Internet, try Adobe InDesign.

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