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It doesn’t matter what kind of user we are. Advanced, medium, novice … Optimizing will always be necessary, to a greater or lesser extent. Because as we use a computer, install programs and surf the Internet, a series of files, information and data accumulate on the computer and a series of automatic adjustments are made that, inevitably, could affect its normal operation. For that, to clean, maintain and improve the day to day of our PC, comes a very useful utility, worth the redundancy: Advanced SystemCare Ultimate.

A Swiss Army Knife to Optimize Your PC

Well be with Advanced SystemCare Ultimate 10 or any other version available, although it is convenient to download and keep the program up to date, our computer can be calm because will be, yes or yes, in good hands.

Firstly because it will be protected against threats in the form of viruses, spyware, malware and other kinds of dangers of this kind. They are bad problems in themselves, which, inevitably, compromise the correct functioning of the equipment. In the same way, the program will monitor your different tasks in real time, evaluating that you carry them out correctly, without setbacks. If there are, it will act against threats of any kind or the inconveniences that cause them to return everything to normal. From cleaning the temps to seeing what can be done with RAM or disk usage.

What is this program? An Iobit genius

And there is more: around twenty tools, a good handful, to solve any additional problems. All, likewise, guaranteeing us a browsing through the Internet without annoying ads and without leaving a trace, guaranteeing our privacy. Few more features could be asked for, right? And also, in Spanish!

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