Age of Conquest 4.26.259 – Download Free

LFight for control of the world in direct confrontations, conquer nearby territories, build towers, sign diplomatic treaties and do not neglect the defense of your empire. In Age of Conquest you will have to do all this and much more.

Using a game system very similar to that of the famous strategy board game Risk, Age of Conquest presents us with a medieval version in which you can decide to choose between a large selection of maps, from Europe or Asia to world map. Another of the great options of Age of Conquest is that it includes multitude of scenarios that encompass from the Middle Ages to modern times.

On the other hand, it must be said that the AI system used in Age of Conquest it is of great level, which cannot be said of other strategy games. And the ambient music is excellent, since it is specially designed for each of the scenarios.

Therefore, do you think you can control both your level of spending and population as well as the defensive and offensive troops? download and install Age of Conquest, you will not regret.

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