Aiseesoft Screen Recorder Download (2021 Latest version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

Get the easiest yet professional way to record your screen and take snapshots here. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder is the best screen recording software to capture any activity on Windows computer. It can work as a good video game recorder, Skype call capture, YouTube video recording app, and more to capture any area of ​​your screen. While recording screen, you can edit videos / snapshots and draw new labels on the output file.

As a powerful screen recording software, Aiseesoft Screen Recorder enables you to record any screen video with ease. You can use it to capture videos, games, podcasts, webinars, lectures, presentations, Skype calls, online conferences, webcam videos, etc. YouTube online in full screen or custom screen size.

While capturing the screen, you can highlight cursor movement for easy tracking. In addition, “Blue-light” real-time HD video coding technology can guarantee you excellent picture and sound quality. Lock window capture feature allows you to keep recording activity in a specified window. So that the screen recording does not disturb other operations. The captured video will be saved in MP4, WMV, MOV, AVI, GIF, TS, etc. for easy playback and sharing.

Aiseesoft Screen Recorder for PC can only record the internal audio of your computer. This feature allows you to record music, radio or audio online instead of downloading them to MP3, WMA, AAC, M4A, FLAC, Ogg and Opus for easy playback.

Taking snapshots is an easy and useful way to quickly save important information. You can use it every day. This screen recorder can also work as a powerful snapshot app to help you capture anything on your screen and save it as an image. You can freely adjust the snapshot area and add your personal labels like rectangle, arrow, line, and text to the output image. You can save the snapshot as PNG, JPEG, BMP, GIF, TIFF, etc. according to your needs. It is surely equipped with other key editing functions to help you take snapshots.

Features and highlights

Optimize audio recording
This software can optimize the quality of your audio recording by amplifying weak audio, reducing audio noise, and stopping audio echo during recording.

No watermark
Don’t worry about the watermark problem. Aiseesoft Screen Recorder will keep original picture and sound without any watermark.

High quality recording
You can set the video / audio output quality, with 6 levels to choose from, from lossless to lowest. However, the quality changes, the recording will remain smooth.

Various formats available
It is designed with the most popular video / audio / image formats, such as MP4, MOV, WMA, MP3, JPG, PNG, and GIF, etc. For detailed information, see the technical specifications.

Area selection
Automatically recognize the recording window and choose your preferred capture area. You can also choose the common aspect ratio you need.

One-click recording or set hotkeys to start / stop recording, open / close webcam, snapshot, etc.

Mouse recording
Record a specific area around the mouse or follow the mouse to capture what you need.

Lock window
Record all activities in a certain window or freely capture some specific windows.

How to use Aiseesoft Screen Recorder

  • Click Video Recorder to enter the screen recording interface.
  • Set the video recording area and choose the audio source from the audio system or microphone.
  • Click REC to start capturing the screen on your Windows computer.

Note: You can only capture 3 minutes of video.

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