Alcohol 120% – Download Free

Alcohol 120% is a complete tool that enables fast and easy duplication of optical discs. Another of the most outstanding features of Alcohol 120% is the possibility to create virtual drives, useful for burning ISO images, for example, without using physical disks. Also, it supports Blu-ray and HD DVD format. Free download Alcohol 120% and discover all its possibilities.

A suite of tools for working with optical discs

It never hurts to have a tool at hand to work with CDs and DVDs and Alcohol 120% it is one of the best options. We will can Record backups of our CDs and DVDs to our computer, record data, music or videos on optical discs, or make exact copies of the discs. But Alcohol 120% stands out for a very useful function. It allows creating virtual drives to run from there the images of the disks that we use the most, without having to insert the physical disk into the computer. Alcohol 120% supports a wide variety of image formats, such as ISO, MDS, BWT, B5T, CCD or PDI.

A complete and functional tool to make working with CDs and DVDs simple and effective.

Through a simple and intuitive interface, Alcohol 120% offers us assistants to guide us in all processes: Image creation wizard (we indicate a disk and Alcohol 120% will create the image), image recording, copy wizard, or delete wizard.

Alcohol 120% has other useful tools, such as the image search engine, which helps us locate all the images that we have on the computer. It also allows you to download a plug-in to convert the audio you want to record.

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