Allway Sync 20.2.1 for Windows

When you work with multiple computers at the same time, you may have to copy files from one computer to another. In this way, Allway Sync is presented as the alternative to the traditional method to make these modifications.

With the program you will ensure that all computers have the same files or that they are all updated with the same date and size. Although the installation is not possible in Spanish, the AllwaySync interface is fully translated into Spanish.

Very easy to use thanks to a totally intuitive interface, we will only have to choose the source folder, the destination folder and click Synchronize. You also have the option to change the direction of the synchronization, being able to make it bidirectional as well.

We can synchronize both different drives and folders within the same drive, and all this with just two clicks. Allway Sync is safe, stable, and easy to use.

Backup easily with Allway Sync

One of the main evils of this digital age is the lack of concern of many users when it comes to backing up their documents. It is clear that it is not enough to preserve our data in any storage service in the cloud, being the safest method to duplicate our content in different places. Performing this task by hand can be very tedious, so using tools like this Allway Sync we can make our folders or complete drives synchronize regardless of whether it is local information or hosted in any remote service.

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