AM-Notebook 6.5.4 – Download Free

AM-Notebook It is a complete tool that offers us multiple functions. Is about a notepad with which we can make our annotations, an agenda where to write down our tasks, a list of contacts where to keep phone numbers and addresses, and an alarm to remember our appointments.

Try this functional notepad

As a notepad, this application is very complete and comes to resemble a text editor, for the lots of tools it offers. AM-Notebook allows you to manage all our notes, and also supports various formats and you can even insert images or objects.

Another important function is the calendar, in which we can gradually introduce the various tasks we have, classifying them with different colors. With AM-Notebook We can indicate the date and time of the start of the tasks and their end date, to have controlled the deadlines that we have. We can also set alarms to notify us on a certain day or every so often. Another interesting function is to make a backup copy of all our notes in a file.

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