Amazon Music for Windows

Amazon Music is the official client of Amazon’s music streaming service for Windows, which will allow us to listen to millions of songs as long as we have a Prime account. And if we also use an Unlimited subscription, we can access more than seventy million songs, including the vast majority of new releases.

In order to use Amazon Music we will need to identify ourselves with our Amazon user account. Once we do, we can start listening to all the music we want directly from our desktop. We can listen to songs individually, play entire discs or, if we prefer, enjoy stations and personalized playlists. Best of all, we can download any song to our hard drive to listen to it later without the need for an Internet connection.

In the Amazon Music configuration options we will find some quite interesting. First of all, we can select the quality at which we want to listen and download music, which by default is at the maximum, but which we can reduce if we have a bad Internet connection. We can also make use of the normalization function, which will make all the songs sound at the same volume, thus avoiding that some songs sound much louder than others and we have to be raising and lowering the volume manually.

Amazon Music is an essential program for regular users of this service, in the same way that Spotify is for any user who is paying their monthly fee. This desktop client also has a simple and elegant interface and consumes very few resources.


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