Android Studio 4.1.2 for Windows

Android Studio is a new integrated development environment for the Android operating system launched by Google, designed to offer new tools for the development of applications and an alternative to the Eclipse environment, until now the most used IDE.

When creating a new project in Android Studio, the project structure appears with almost all files within the SRC directory, a change to a Gradle based build system that will provide more flexibility for the build process. In addition, thanks to its integrated emulation system, Android Studio allows you to see the changes we make in our application in real time, and can also check how it is displayed on different Android devices with different configurations and resolutions simultaneously.

Among the many features of Android Studio are its code packaging and labeling tools to organize ourselves when implementing large amounts of code, also using a drag & drop system to move the components through the user interface. In addition, this new environment has Google Cloud Messaging, a functionality with which we can send data from the server to Android terminals through the cloud, this being a way to send Push notifications to our apps. On the other hand, it will also help us in locating our applications, giving us a more visual way to continue programming and control the application flow.

What does Android Studio offer?
– A clear and robust development environment.
– Ease of testing the operation on other types of devices.
– Wizards and templates for common Android programming elements.
– A complete editor with many extra tools to speed up the development of our applications.


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