Anime DL 7.5 – Download Free

Anime fans are sure to find it of great interest Anime DL, a tool with which you can download chapters, movies and entire series in MP4 format and then play them without an Internet connection.

Find and download the best anime

This program, which has a version for Android, is designed with a very simple interface that offers a complete range of Japanese cartoon titles. The content can be organized according to different criteria, although the user can carry out manual searches. Accessing each of the references, you will find information, available chapters and the possibility to add them to the download queue. Dozens of titles are offered in the original version, many of them with subtitles in English, although there are some that have been dubbed into this language.

Once the download is complete, which we can configure to direct it to the folder we want, we can play the file with our usual multimedia player. There is no doubt that we are facing an excellent tool to follow some of the most successful titles that the Japanese cartoon currently offers us.

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