Anki 2.1.37 – Download Free

Do you need to memorize a large amount of information? Be it classes, lessons, languages, manuals, presentations … Improving our memory capacity is very useful because it allows us to remember more easily or remember a greater number of things. It is possible to improve our memory by downloading Anki free.

Braintraining to improve your memory

Take your information to remember and create new study materials, or search through Anki decks, that is, content cards for your lessons. You can assign them different degrees of relevance and temporarily schedule their study depending on how advanced you take the lesson, consulting at the same time the statistical and graphical data on your evolution.

You can even use LaTeX for scientific topics. Can sync the content of Anki between different devices and it is possible to extend its functions through external plugins.

Best of all, you can download Anki free in Spanish, with which you will be able to memorize faster and thus improve the study.

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