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If we do not have enough with the clock that is predefined in Windows and we want to have more information about the hours in different countries, Anuko World Clock is our application. It is not only a watch that supports multiple time zonesInstead, it has a wide variety of functions that will allow us to better manage our time and offer us useful information. Do not hesitate and download Anuko World Clock.

Convenient functions

Anuko World Clock add to our desktop a fully configurable clock. We can visualize several clocks, each one from a different time zone, and with a different interface. In addition, it has other functions such as stopwatch, alarm clock, time converter, calendar, world map, or alarm.

Through settings Anuko World Clock we will can customize watch and the different functions to our liking, to get the most out of it.

Main features

  • Various clocks from different time zones on the taskbar.
  • Stopwatch and countdown timer.
  • Allows automatic time synchronization.
  • System of alarms and reminders.
  • RSS news reader.
  • Links to images of the different cities.
  • World map with the different time zones.

Don’t waste your time and download Anuko World Clock.

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