Apache HTTP Server 2.4.46 – Download Free

When we browse the Internet, we are actually connecting to a computer similar to ours, but which manages the necessary data and sends it to us in the form of web pages. The software that manages this data is a HTTP server, or web server, and Apache is the maximum exponent of this type of programs.

The most popular web server on the Internet

An HTTP server or web server has to meet a series of requirements: to be robust and safe but also fast, to be optimized to the core, to be easy to use but not limit its power and, above all, to comply with the standards.

The web server Apache HTTP Server meets all these requirements, in addition to being free software (so that each one can adapt it to their needs), allowing the inclusion of extensions and other additions that increase its capabilities.

The robust, secure and customizable server.

This web server, together with the MySQL databases and the PHP programming language, have achieved jointly and overwhelmingly dominate the field of web servers, each one in their environment, but all helping the user and the professional to make their tasks simpler.

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