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The smartphone is a great tool to communicate or make inquiries on the Internet, especially when we are not at home. But the truth is that in many respects it has nothing to do in terms of productivity against a computer, mainly due to the size of the screen or the precision offered by the mouse or keyboard.

Control your smartphone with your PC

ApowerMirror is a software that allows us to control its functions comfortably from the PC desktop. With the application installed on our iPhone or Android we can control its functions (chat on WhatsApp, explore your files, copy photos, install or uninstall applications …) from the PC monitor through a connection with a USB cable or through a Wi-Fi network . And of course, play the best mobile games on your computer.

Its scope of application is wide since it can be used at home, for our own tasks, or make it serve in work or academic environments for, for example, carry out presentations of any file it contains. These are its main functions:

  • Handling the mobile device with mouse and keyboard.
  • Play multimedia files on the big screen.
  • Phone screen recording and snapshots.
  • Play Android and iPhone games on your computer.
  • Data synchronization.
  • File transfer.

And the best news is that you can use it totally free for strictly personal use.

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