AppleWin for Windows – Download

AppleWin is an emulator that will allow us to turn our modern Windows PC into an old Apple II. The emulator will run by default in a small window, but we can maximize the interface so that it fills the entire monitor if we prefer.

The first thing we will have to do when starting AppleWin is to choose the startup disk for the emulator, a step that we can complete with just one click. Once we do this, we can start using the computer in exactly the same way as we would with a real one. That is, we can even play classic video games in their native environment.

AppleWin is a lightweight and easy-to-use emulator that hardly takes up space, requires no installation, and doesn’t consume too many resources. A very interesting tool for users who used the legendary Apple II in its day and want to relive this experience in a comfortable way.


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