Ardor 6.5 for Windows – Download

Ardor is a program for Windows with which we can edit digital audio in a much easier way compared to other similar editors. Being an open source tool, the application allows us to transform any sound to later be exported on multiple platforms.

One of the key aspects that we find within Ardor is its neat interface. When editing audio it is essential to have a good structuring of the tools to complete each mix as quickly as possible. In this sense, we will only have to click on the upper toolbar to display the entire set of actions that we can execute.

In the central area of ​​the screen we will find the editing box in which we will see all the graphs that represent each sound. From here we can manage the times and intensities to obtain a clean mixture that allows us to obtain the result we are looking for. On the other hand, Ardor is also compatible with mono and stereo output as well as dozens of plug-ins that are very useful when tackling any sound production.

Ardor is an open source Windows sound editor that is very practical and intuitive. If we do not want to make use of other more complex tools, through this interface we can take full advantage of each of the audio tracks that we need to post-produce on our PC.


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