Ardora 9.0 – Download Free

Ardora is a powerful and complete tool for all those who are dedicated to education or for parents who want to help their children in their studies. This application allows create educational activities in HTML format in a simple way, to offer students enjoyable activities that help them learn.

Create school content for the web

With Ardora we can create more than 45 different types of activities, such as puzzles, word searches, exercises to complete, or crosswords. In addition, this program delves into new multimedia and interactive formats such as Web 2.0. It also has more than 10 types of multimedia pages: image zooms, MP3 players, image galleries or panoramas.

A help to teachers to make educational content attractive to students.

Although it seems very complex, Ardora it turns out very easy to use. We only have to enter, through forms, the elements of the activity and the application is already in charge of creating the web page, so that the student can carry out the activity through a browser. In addition, the application does not require installation, so it can be run from a USB stick.

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