Armagetron Advanced – Download Free

Armagetron Advanced is a three dimensional video game based on a scene from the well known cult movie Tronby Walt Disney. This movie tells the exploits of a programmer who gets into the circuits of his computer. In a famous scene, the protagonists fight on glowing motorcycles that leave trails of light behind them. This battle is what gives rise to Armagetron Advanced.

Get on a futuristic Tron motorcycle

In this video game you drive a futuristic motorcycle that leaves a trail of color in a closed three-dimensional space. Your goal is avoid crashing against the limits of space, against your trails, or against the trails of your enemies, while trying to make your enemies collide.

A Armagetron Advanced It can be played individually against the machine, or between several players on a computer. It also allows network play against other players, being able to chat with them while you play. In this mode, there are playing fields created by other players. Test Armagetron Advanced and discover this classic game that will have you hooked for hours on your futuristic motorcycle.

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