Ashampoo ZIP Pro 3.5.11 for Windows

Ashampoo ZIP Pro is a complete suite with which we can manage functions such as compressing, extracting, sending and encrypting our files in a very fast and easy way. This software handles a total of 60 types of files that we can create in a few seconds, due to its great compatibility with numerous cores and its 256-bit encryption.

The interface of this file manager allows us to mount our ISO disk images as virtual drives, being able to access our data at the moment, without the need to extract additional software. Also, this program will allow us to encrypt our office documents and PDF files to preserve the integrity of the data both before and after sending them. It also offers us the possibility of making backup copies of files instantly, guaranteeing maximum space savings by storing files both in the cloud and on FTP servers, home network or in numerous locations at the same time.

To make use of this tool in the most recommended way, we should try its alternative to Windows Explorer as it offers a split pane view, ZIP functions and built-in support for more than 60 formats. In the same way, Ashampoo ZIP Pro does not need additional software for cloud storage, but we can directly access Azure, Dropbox, as well as GoogleDrive, OneDrive, among others.

With Ashampoo ZIP Pro we can work in a very comfortable way by setting new standards and selecting the best codec for any file, achieving better compression than that offered by the competition. Therefore, Ashampoo ZIP Pro is a versatile program that makes the task of working with disk images easy.


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