Asphalt 8: Airborne – Download Free

The Asphalt car racing game saga has enjoyed great success in smartphones and tablets iOS and Android. Now jump to Windows 8 with the title Asphalt 8: Airborne in which you can experience all the excitement of driving almost fifty of the most spectacular cars in the world.

Speed ​​and acrobatic driving

On the circuits, which are of all kinds, you will find ramps and other aids that together with your speed will cause you to do spectacular pirouettes with your vehicle. You will travel in them from cityscapes to intricate mountain roads, passing through desert landscapes or the uniqueness of the city of Venice.

Perform all kinds of spectacular stunts.


  • Forty-seven supercars at your disposal.
  • Ramps and unevenness in the circuits that promote a acrobatic driving.
  • Nine circuits different
  • Detailed damage system.
  • Various game modes.
  • Multiplayer mode in real time or in asynchronous races.

Maximum realism

You will experience maximum realism thanks to the fact that the cars have been faithfully reproduced compared to the originals. Not in vain there are official manufacturers licenses like Ferrari and Bugatti, which has allowed the real sound of each car to be incorporated into the game. Don’t hesitate any longer and take over the road.

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