ASTRA32 3.81 – Download Free

Many times we need to know the maximum data of some component of our PC to get the drivers or simply to be able to solve a problem. ASTRA32 The Advanced Sysinfo Tool & Reporting Assistant it is an excellent tool to get this data.

Make a benchmark of your PC

Unlike other programs of this type, ASTRA32 it does not have other utilities or small additions. This software scan the entire system as soon as it starts to show the maximum data to the user. Data that can range from the type of processor to the ID of the motherboard that we have installed.

Although most of data shows ASTRA32 They are not especially relevant for most users, the truth is that many tasks may require them. For example, when look for a BIOS for a motherboard, it is important to have as much data as possible to ensure that the BIOS that we have found is correct.

Likewise, by knowing the specific models, we can also get an idea of ​​the actual specifications, something that fans of the overclocking they sure know how to value.

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