Auslogics Registry Defrag for Windows

One of the parts of the system that we tend to focus on the least when maintaining the system is the registry, despite the fact that the data it contains influences all the operations we carry out with our PC. In this way, it is quite convenient to always have it ready to improve the performance of the equipment and obtain a better daily operation.

Auslogics Registry Defrag is a free maintenance application for Windows with which we can defragment the registry of our operating system, thus obtaining an increase in the performance of reading the data it contains.

The process consists of analyzing the disposition of the data of the registry, then joining the fragments and compacting them, so that the reading is as fast as possible. The tool also allows you to create a manual restore point to be able to return to the starting point before restoring and thus recover the computer from any possible error caused by the defragmentation operation.

All this makes Auslogics Registry Defrag a very useful tool to optimize the performance of our computer to the maximum.


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