Authy 1.8.3 for Windows – Download

Authy is a program for Windows with which we can store our passwords in the safest way possible. Through a simple interface we will only have to add the programs that we use to keep the access credentials safe. Something very important in these times in the face of the many cases of invasion of privacy.

After registering in Authy we can see that we will have a full connection with Google, Dropbox or Firefox. This will allow us to store our passwords regardless of the platform we are on, since the utility is also available for smartphones or iOS. In fact, at all times we can synchronize the mobile tool with the desktop one.

After entering the ‘tokens’ section, we will be able to carry out extensive access management to our main programs. In fact, from this same section we can also add a 2FA two-step verification that will exponentially increase the privacy of each login process.

Authy is a tool similar to others like Bitwarden through which we can protect access to our programs and applications without difficulty. Having strong passwords is essential so that no third party can access our accounts.


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