AVIToolbox para Windows – Descargar

AVIToolbox is a fairly simple solution for those users looking for a method to extract video and audio clips from a larger file without complicating their lives. To do this, we will only need to load the file from which we want to extract the clip and select the start and end points of the clip through a convenient progress bar.

The program allows us both to cut the videos into fragments and to extract only the sound in an MP3 format or to capture as an image (BMP) the frames that make up the video, all this intuitively and in just a few clicks.

The fact of lacking customization parameters for us to adjust some aspects related to the quality of the video / audio limits its use quite a bit, although on the contrary it is sure to be a point in favor for those who get lost in the menu of options. Finally, if you are a ConvertXToDVD user, AVIToolbox allows you to record and convert your videos to DVD from the same program interface.


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