Bandicut Video Cutter for Windows

If you need to cut any video that you have stored on your computer and you don’t want to complicate yourself with complex editing tools such as Adobe Premiere, Final Cut or Sony Vegas, Bandicut Video Cutter is a simple program with which you can cut your audiovisual content without difficulty.

The Bandicut Video Cutter interface is quite intuitive and this will make the task much easier. First of all we will have to select the video that we want to cut and then we just have to place it in the edit bar to proceed to segment it. We can directly select the trimming interval from the timeline or from the numerical parameters located on the left side.

Once we have selected the piece of video that we want to cut, we just have to press the start button and the program will do the rest. It should be noted that trimming is not the only feature of Bandicut Video Cutter. With the utility we can also join video clips or extract the soundtrack from our multimedia files.

Bandicut Video Cutter is a simple tool through which we can create different video compositions even if we do not have advanced knowledge of video editing or do not have other more powerful and complex programs installed on our computer.


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