BCWipe 7.01.0 for Windows – Download

BcWipe is an extension for the Windows right menu that allows safe deletion of files from the disk. The program adopts the recommendations of the United States Department of Defense.

Among the functions of this program are:

-Erase by ‘wiping’. The program will format those parts of the disk where the information is stored. This option is incorporated into the context menu of Windows Explorer.
-Disk space liberator. The application will erase any rest of the files deleted by the traditional way.
-Elimination of Windows Swap memory. BCWipe is capable of destroying Windows temporary memory with the command ‘Wipe free disk space’. It also includes a utility to encrypt the data contained in it.

In addition, it is possible to select the type of formatting that the clusters of the disk where the information is stored will receive. It also includes an interesting task scheduler.


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