Beneath a Steel Sky 2.2.0

Talk about graphic adventures passes, inevitably, to reach ScummVM, the emulator on which it works is excellent Beneath a Steel Sky. A adventure game which is still in force despite having been launched in 1994.

A very graphic adventure cyberpunk

Although it was presented for MS-DOS and AmigaFew are the true fans of adventure games who have not enjoyed this gem. From the creators of the saga Broken Sword, Beneath a Steel Sky immerses us in a world cyberpunk in which our planet has changed a lot. Foster, the protagonist we handle, is a man whose childhood was spent with an indigenous tribe due to a helicopter accident. And another helicopter, this time sent by the Captain Reich returned him to civilization to face a corrupt world.

Already in civilization, Foster has to go over obstacles to survive point and click, like classic adventure games. Throughout the trip we will be obtaining objects, talking to characters and, ultimately, enjoying one of the best told stories in video games.

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