Birdfont 4.9.7 for Windows – Download

Sometimes it is difficult to find an original font for certain designs or presentations. You can spend hours searching for a free font to suit your tastes, or if you put in a little bit, you can design your own.

With Birdfont this task is very easy, since you can create fonts in a matter of hours, the only limit is your ability to create. The interface may be a bit clunky at first, but you’ll quickly realize that it doesn’t take much time to gain control. Even so, you have several tutorials on the official page that will help you understand the basic tools.

One of the most interesting functions is to be able to insert a background image from which to create your font, with which you can trace other fonts or create fonts from other shapes.

Just add the image, crop it, and resize it to fit the grid. Then you just have to add vector points, being able to hide the background image with a button. You can also import vector images created with Illustrator or some other vector design program. So if you want to create your own typography, Birdfont is a totally free tool and with everything you need to make the process easier for you.


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