BitTorrent 7.10.5 Build 45857 – Download Free

Nobody doubts that Netflix, Spotify and YouTube are modifying the way we consume multimedia content from our computer. The appearance and evolution of these services, together with the increasing speeds of Internet transmission, is making us choose to watch movies and series and listen to music by streaming instead of downloading the files video and audio to our PC.

But despite its proliferation, we always find something we want to have saved on our hard driveWhether it is that movie that reminds us of our childhood, that series that you want to see during the 3 hour bus ride home or that album that you want to be able to listen to whenever and wherever you want, regardless of whether you have an Internet connection or not.

A great alternative to Vuze, Ares, Emule or Bitcomet.

And that’s where it comes in BitTorrent, he P2P file sharing protocol and large file transfer most widespread in the world, with more than 150 million active users, and from which you can download practically everything: from music videos to movies, through songs, complete albums, documents, video games, PDF books, etc. And this is the download of its official client, developed and maintained by the company behind the protocol, with which you can manage all your downloads in the most efficient and fast way.

Main features

  • Add torrents directly from the interface Or search for the files on download sites, such as Kickass Torrents, EliteTorrent, or Newpct.
  • Integrated search engine to find any movie, series, album or song.
  • Pause, resume, cancel and delete downloads without any problem.
  • General information about each download, including data on peers, seeds and trackers.
  • Graphs showing the download and upload speed.
  • Configuration options to adjust the number of simultaneous downloads and the bandwidth used.
  • Ability to customize the interface by using skins.
  • Play multimedia files directly from the application with the integrated player.
  • Ad-free Pro version, with automatic antimalware protection and torrent preview via HD player.
  • Remote control of downloads through the client thanks to the Android application BitTorrent Remote.

Which is better? BitTorrent or uTorrent?

Both clients are the two greatest exponents of downloading files over networks peer-to-peer. Although uTorrent was initially developed by Ludvig Strigeus, since 2006 it also belongs to the same company BitTorrent Inc., therefore they are two practically identical clients with very similar benefits.

Of course, many users have uTorrent as their preferred torrent client, claiming that it is a lighter program where downloads complete more quickly. But the truth is that today, after 10 years of development by the same company, there are no significant differences between the two.

Other software BitTorrent: Now y Sync

Those responsible for the company are aware that services in streaming have more and more followers, jeopardizing its hegemony in the field of multimedia file transfer. Therefore, in order not to get stuck in the past, they have developed two new services:

  • BitTorrent Now: a app to make streaming free music and video in a totally legal way since the contents are uploaded directly by their creators, competing with Spotify and Netflix.
  • BitTorrent Sync: a software based on P2P to synchronize and share files between devices connected to the same local network or over the Internet, making you the direct competition to Dropbox.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Update the btfs install request dialog.
  • Smart torrent search.
  • The Speed ​​tab moves to the Graph tab.
  • Error correction.

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