BleachBit 4.2.0 – Download Free

On many occasions we find that we have lost a lot of space on our hard drives and we do not know where we have gone since we have not downloaded many files or we have not copied any large files on our computers, but the truth is that much of the Lost space on our disks is due to the use of the most common programs, since these save copies of temporary files or files.

Delete all the files you no longer need

BleachBit it will help us clean up the last unnecessary file most hidden from our system, as it offers compatibility with the most common programs (OpenOffice, Firefox, Safari, Flash, Skype, Adobe Reader…). The application will delete all obsolete or unnecessary files generated by this type of tools, thus achieving that we gain a lot of disk space.

If you want to erase all the traces that you have left in web browsers or applications, or you simply want to free up some space On the disk without having to go searching through each of the folders on your system, download BleachBit and make your work easier.

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