BootRacer 8.0 for Windows – Download

BootRacer is a simple tool that simply times the time it takes for Windows to restart, something really useful to be sure that everything is going well or, on the contrary, the computer takes too long to fully turn on.

The program is very easy to use, although its only usefulness is to tell you if you should try to increase the speed at which Windows starts.

As usual, Bootracer is not a particularly interesting program, but it can be useful if we want to know how far we can speed up our system startup.

How to speed up Windows startup and shutdown

Improving the performance of our operating system without touching any of the hardware is the Holy Grail for the average user. There are many methods to rip a few milliseconds when starting or closing Windows by performing certain actions, either by preventing certain programs or services from loading, eliminating drivers and functionalities that we do not use, or modifying some aspects of the registry to speed up certain system checks.

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