Bugzilla 5.0.6 – Download Free

There are thousands of utilities that one can find for Mozilla’s Firefox browser. Among them is Bugzilla, a product developer-oriented as it is a very efficient code debugger.

A code debugger built into your favorite browser

Bugzilla is used for check if all the code of a web The software it is right. Enjoy a optimized configuration that makes it only make the necessary calls to the database to avoid being a heavy process. In addition, one of the most interesting possibilities offered by this tool is the possibility of being used to mount a notification server in case users want to send detected errors to the scheduler.


  • Programming code debugger integrated into the browser.
  • Communication system with colleagues from the development team.
  • Patch review software.
  • High safety performance.

Download Bugzilla free and you will have a code debugger with a wide user community and great facilities to improve your work.

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