Buildtopia 2020.12.13 for Windows – Download

BuildTopia (堡垒 前线: 破坏 与 创造) is a ‘battle royale’ openly inspired by Fortnite, in which one hundred players will have to face each other inside an island full of weapons and only one of them will be victorious. Some of the game’s characters are also old acquaintances from FortCraft and Creative Destruction.

BuildTopia’s game system is practically identical to that of its version for Android or that of the aforementioned Fortnite. The game will begin with our character jumping from a plane and falling to the island, so that we will have to look for weapons and resources as quickly as possible. By collecting resources we can build all kinds of structures, which will be very useful to create covers or high points from which to fight better.

As a good multiplayer action game worth its salt, in BuildTopia we are going to find a lot of weapons and equipment. As is tradition in the genre, the rarity of the weapons is divided into colors, so that the white weapons will be the normal ones (with less damage and lower firing speed) and the rarest will be the purple and gold. Choosing our weapons well will mean the difference between victory and defeat.

BuildTopia is an outstanding ‘battle royale’ in virtually every aspect. This version of the game for Windows has also been perfectly adapted from the Android version, offering some exclusive features, optimized control and improved graphics.


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