Bulk Rename Utility for Windows

Bulk Rename Utility is a great program designed to perform massive renaming of files and folders that stands out for its enormous versatility and its large number of options.

If you’ve never used such a program, the Bulk Rename Utility panel will probably scare you. But rest assured, because you don’t need all the options to get a simple and efficient renaming.

Bulk Rename Utility has up to 13 tools to be able to rename files or folders to our liking. These include the ability to add or remove text wherever we want, add the date of creation or modification of the file, replace any text string, modify the upper and lower case, or number the selected files.

However, if we do not want to complicate our lives, we can always ask the Bulk Rename Utility to remove the current name of any chain of files / folders and replace it with the one we will give it. As simple as that.


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