BuzzBundle 2.60.2 for Windows – Download

If you have a company or website and you want to increase your presence on social networks and various search engines, a not very ethical but effective way is to generate various false profiles on social networks, forums and blogs with which to generate traffic to your site. The downside of this process is that if you are the only one in charge of all this, it can be hard and tedious work.

BuzzBundle is an application that helps you create an unlimited number of virtual people, for which you only have to enter their basic data once, and the application will create accounts for them on the social networks, blogs and forums of your choice. You can even provide the data of their email accounts so that in the sites where it is necessary to validate the account with an email it is also done in an automated way.

Once the profiles are created, you can easily switch from one to the other with the tab at the top, and post messages on the networks of your choice. You can retweet, send private messages, add images … All kinds of publications without leaving the application.

In addition, you can add keywords related to your site to track all kinds of mentions or related posts on the net. Without a doubt, it is a great way to make the most noise on the Internet from a single application and without having to go through registration processes again and again and make and undo logins.


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