CarotDAV 1.15.10 for Windows – Download

CarotDAV is a desktop client with which we can manage Dropbox, Skydrive, Google Drive or SugarSync, among other data storage systems in the cloud.

The application has a simple interface from which we can access each of these services in a matter of seconds. We will only have to scroll through the corresponding tab and then we will be able to see what we have stored in each of the services.

In order to use the program, yes, we will first have to authorize each of the services directly from its website. Only once we do so can we use CarotDV to manage the different folders of, for example, Dropbox.

CarotDAV is a very useful tool for users of various services such as those mentioned, and if used efficiently, it offers many storage possibilities. The only problem, yes, is that we cannot modify files directly from the application, as if they allow some of the services that it integrates, but we will have to download them to do so.


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