CCleaner 5.76.8269 for Windows – Download

If something characterizes our Windows operating system, it is how dirty it is. Over time it is capable of accumulating unnecessary data that we do not know where it comes from and that takes up space on our hard drive as well as a lot of resources. The CCleaner tool is essential when it comes to preserving the proper functioning of our PC, as it includes cleaning options, startup analysis, registry optimization and application uninstallation wizard in a single program.

CCleaner includes a complete analysis system that knows these corners and is capable of finding all kinds of unnecessary data: temporary files, obsolete registry keys, poorly completed installations, cookies or file traces in our browser among many other sections. The cleaner is capable of probing areas of our system such as the trash, temporary files or the clipboard, although its strong point is in supporting an endless number of additional programs when it comes to detecting unnecessary elements, from Adobe tools to Office packages . All of them can accumulate junk files and can be deleted.

You can configure it once installed so that the CCleaner cleaning option appears in the contextual menu of the recycle bin, and even so that it checks your computer every time it starts, although the bulk of its tools are within the program itself, with an easy-to-understand interface and very fast when carrying out each of the tasks it is capable of.

How to remove malware from our PC in five steps

Infecting our PC is too easy. Although we have our antivirus active and in force, it may be the case that we accidentally click on the link that we should not and that in a few seconds we have malware in the kitchen. Each case is different since there are many types of malicious software with different infection systems. Even so, there are a series of basic generic steps that we can take to disinfect our PC.

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CCleaner for clumsy: how to squeeze this useful tool

CCleaner is even in the soup when we talk about issues related to the maintenance and optimization of our PC, its usefulness and efficiency being beyond doubt. Now, do we really know everything the program is capable of? The general idea is that it allows you to “delete junk files” and clean the registry, but such features are just the tip of the iceberg given the many uses that we can give it. Here is a review of some of the things we can do with CCleaner that you may not know about.

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