CCleaner Portable 5.77.8448 for Windows

The portable version of CCleaner, albeit unofficially, is here. CCleaner Portable is the perfect solution if we need a program with which to clean our system of all kinds of dispensable elements in a matter of seconds.

If CCleaner is already a benchmark for programs in the sector, its portable version is sure to quickly catch on among users who need an efficient and lightweight tool to transport wherever they go.

This portable version maintains all the functions of the official one, so we can easily eliminate all temporary files, cookies, histories, etc., that are stored in the system. We can also clean the registry or uninstall applications safely, and of course, without the need for installation. However, and even if the program does not have to be installed, when you run CCleaner Portable the program will add some entries to the registry that will be eliminated upon closing.


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