CherryTree 0.99.25 – Download Free

We all have moments of lucidity in which a paper and a pencil become two essential tools, for those moments we can also use CherryTree. A software in which we can take notes, edit them, classify them and do what we want with them.

Note taking software and notes

This development is similar to a word processor, with the exception that he himself saves everything we write in a small database. In this way we can organize any annotation hierarchically according to the project to which it belongs in a simple and graphic way.

The intention of CherryTree is to facilitate note taking at any time, organizing everything by theme, editing the text with the same options as a word processor and achieving a perfect organization of all the notes. We can also easily attach images and tables thanks to its menus.

In short, if you need good software with which keep your notes organized, and facilitate their saving and editing, CherryTree it can be your salvation.

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