Classic Start Menu 6.8 – Download Free

Classic Start Menu is a useful application that will allow you recover the classic look of the Start menu on your Windows 7 operating system. Many users have felt melancholy at the new look offered by the company’s new Windows operating system. With this application we can go back to the origins and keep our Start menu with your traditional appearance.

Transform the Windows 7 Start menu

After executing the file on our computer, we will be able to transform the appearance of the Windows Start menu. Classic Start Menu it is compatible with most Windows operating systems and it has interesting personal configuration options that will help us to improve navigation through windows. You will be able to locate programs and folders with greater speed or use the quick search options, so useful until their elimination …

In addition, we can access control panel or documents recent times through a specific shortcut and we will always be on time to recover the original appearance. If you also miss the traditional look of your Start menu, Classic Start Menu is your application.

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