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Optimize the operation of your computer and make it run its applications more fluently thanks to this application. What is Clean Master? Well, basically an app that has become very popular on Android, rivaling DU Speed ​​Booster, and that with the APK that we install on the smartphone or tablet we can optimize the operating system and improve the performance of the device.

Well, it turns out that now it comes to Windows to solve all junk file related problems that in terms of performance appear as the operating system is used and that hinder its operation by making it start up more slowly or execute certain processes slowly.

After cleaning Android, it now comes for Windows.

Cleaning and optimization operations are performed quickly and automatically, taking care of all junk files on the system. These appear divided into several areas, so the user can know in detail what aspect each of the data to delete belongs to.

What is it for Clean Master for PC?

Once you download this free application to your Windows computer, you will be able to clean and remove unnecessary files from different parts of the operating system to make your PC work like the first day. Among them, you can clean and erase:

  • System cache.
  • Cache of browsers.
  • Social applications.
  • Video and audio.
  • Online games.
  • Registry.
  • Other apps.

It can delete all at once, area by area or program by program, obtaining details of each of the junk files to delete if desired. To highlight the fact that, although it serves to clean the cache and internal memory of any type of application, the developers have focused this new version 6.0 on users of online video games who need to get the most out of their equipment to avoid incurring lags, delays and other problems that can cost them the game. In this sense, the latest version of CM is particularly suitable for optimizing the PC of gamers who regularly play League of Legends, CrossFire, WoW or any other online multiplayer game downloadable from Steam.

Free version vs Pro version

You can download Clean Master completely free from its official website. With this free version we can carry out the most basic cleaning and optimization tasks These include cleaning junk files, optimizing your computer’s speed and performance, and fixing privacy and security risks. Now, we can also purchase the version Premium of this product that also gives us access to functions of recovery of files deleted by mistake, automatic update of obsolete programs and driver optimization. This paid version has a cost of:

  • 3-month subscription: $ 15.90.
  • 1-year subscription: $ 29.90.
  • 2-year subscription: $ 59.90.

Clean Master or CCleaner? Which is better?

Both optimization, cleaning and maintenance programs are quite similar. CCleaner is a classic in this of making our PC work fast and fast again, while the application that we are dealing with comes from a mobile platform such as Android, so perhaps the former has more experience when applying it to a desktop computer . In addition, the Piriform product is much more direct when it comes to cleaning, while CM insists on offering us details and information about the files to be deleted, something that not all users like.

What’s new in the latest version

  • Errors are corrected and the range of action of the cleaner is extended.

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