Clean Space 7.48 for Windows

Clean Space is a program for Windows with which we can keep our PC clean by eliminating all those files that we do not use and that slow down the system. Through a simple and lightweight interface, in a matter of seconds we will analyze each computer registry to detect unnecessary files.

With Clean Space we have the possibility of executing a scan with the intention of detecting and ordering all those records and files that we can later delete. Thanks to this we will always have the option to mark or unmark the files we want to get rid of or those we want to keep.

Another important function that we can highlight from Clean Space is that the program is capable of detecting files derived from the cache or virtual resources. Therefore, in just a few minutes we can eliminate them and proceed to free hundreds of megabytes on the PC’s hard drive.

Clean Space will allow us to eliminate numerous files from our computer in order to stop storing files and data that do not interest us. Without a doubt, this is a good program with which to put an end to problems derived from the accumulation of data that we no longer use.


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