Clementine 1.3.1 for Windows – Download

Clementine is a very light music player that allows you to easily organize your library and listen to different radio stations.

Through a useful system of tabs, we can access our music library, the two available radio stations and the different folders on our computer at any time.

Through the library tab (the most interesting) we can create our own playlists and listen to the songs we want. Through the radios tab, we can listen to two of the most popular online stations of the moment: and SomaFM. Finally, from the exploration tab we can quickly move through the folders on our hard drive.

Clementine has a fairly intuitive interface, and it is very easy to use thanks to its simple but attractive appearance and the aforementioned tabs. In addition, the amount of resources it consumes is minimal, making it perfect for mid-range and low-end computers.

Clementine does not have some of the features that other players such as Winamp or Windows Media Player offer. But its easy handling, its low consumption and its future perspective (the program is still in full development) make it an alternative to take into account.


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