CoffeeCup HTML Editor Download (2021 Latest Version) for Windows 10, 8, 7

HTML editor, CSS editor and quick and easy start from templates. Do you want to create totally stellar websites? If yes, consider CoffeeCup HTML Editor your new best friend. Get empowered with helpful tag references, intuitive tools like code completion, website components that update instantly across all pages, live previews, and dozens of other great tools and features.

Starts in seconds
Getting to work on your website is a breeze thanks to a wide range of startup options. Create new HTML or CSS files from scratch, or start working on a professional layout with an existing or out-of-the-box theme. Do you already have a site in progress? Open your files from your computer or open them directly from your web server. With the Open from Web option, you can take any website as a starting point and it doesn’t have to be yours.

Stay organized
A logical structure keeps things running smoothly and eliminates annoying problems like broken links and images. With that in mind, he designed Website Projects, a comprehensive workflow that gives you complete control over how your website is organized.

The Component Library – A Massive Time Saver
Every website has elements like a menu, a footer or a header that are reused on the pages. With the Component Library you can save these types of elements in one place and then embed them on the page you want. Now instead of updating each instance of the item manually, just edit the item in the library and it will automatically update everywhere.

Code with confidence
A comprehensive tag reference section puts the correct tags at your fingertips. Code completion automatically suggests tags as you type and intelligently suggests selectors from your referenced CSS files. A built-in validation tool allows you to check codes of all types for perfectly valid pages. Using these tools helps to produce valid code that makes your pages appear consistently and more accessible to users with disabilities and search engines. Every time.

Visual code selector + live preview
Use the split screen preview to see your web page displayed just below your code. Or use external preview to display your page in another window or on a second monitor. Do you want to experiment with some code? The live preview shows you exactly how your design will look as you work.

Made for true code enthusiasts
Perfectionists, masters of organization, and SEO buffs, this app is designed for you. Coding your own sites can be one of the most rewarding things you can do. With CoffeeCup HTML Builder you will be ready for that task.

Ready for the semantic web.
Adding structured or semantic data to tag content should be a priority for any site. Search engines are increasingly relying on this approach to better understand what content is about, which in turn enables them to improve the overall search experience. Therefore, pages that use structured data correctly (especially the vocabulary) are preferred over others and are likely to get a better search rank. Get started with the HTML Editor and add meaningful data about your website with ease.

Post anywhere
The built-in FTP uploader effortlessly publishes the website to the place of your choice. Choose any web host (or use your own server), add the appropriate FTP settings and get up and running with one click. Easily switch between addresses; For example, from a work in progress to a live production site. Or go ftp free by syncing with the CoffeeCup hosting platform. Get a custom domain name or use your own. Getting connected is easy, just use your CoffeeCup credentials (email and password). You don’t need to use it, but you will have everlasting love if you do.

More reasons to love CoffeeCup HTML Editor:

  • Cross-browser compatibility is important, which is why HTML Creator gives you the option to add up to 10 different browsers and then open them from within the program.
  • Certain characters must be formatted as HTML entities to be rendered correctly. The Characters tab allows you to insert these entities with a click of the mouse.
  • Website Projects help keep your website organized, almost eliminating broken links and incorrectly referenced images.
  • The built-in Validate HTML tool opens the W3C brand validation service in your default web browser.
  • HTML and CSS code completion virtually eliminates unopened tags and typos; it even serves the selectors of every referenced CSS file.
  • The HTML Editor comes with 10 new, professionally designed themes. Preview them before applying them to your pages in the sleek new Theme Picker.
  • The Tags tab is a comprehensive reference for HTML, PHP, and CSS (X) tags.
  • Split Screen Preview allows you to view your web page in a browser from the Code Editor.

Note: 28-day trial version.

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