ColorConsole 5.31 for Windows – Download

ColorConsole is a tool designed to make it easier to use the command prompt of your operating system. If you usually work with it and you miss basic functions such as copy, cut, find or replace, this complete utility will allow you to do all these things as you normally would in other programs. In addition, it will allow you to modify the color of the font so that you can perfectly highlight those important lines.

When you open ColorConsole you will see the console as if you opened it directly from the command prompt. Once inside you will be able to work as you usually do in this tool but with a big difference; At the top of the screen you will see a function bar with a number of actions that will make your life much easier.

From the top menu you can indicate a color for the text and another for the background, strike out the font, add bold or italics, eliminate specific parts and, ultimately, make any typographic modification that helps you get what you need. One of the advantages of the tool is that you can make the changes as you want and even write a letter with a different color and background without having to write complete words the same.

On the other hand, ColorConsole has the function of exporting to HTML or RTF so that you can export complete lines. In addition, you can work in tabs with multi cmd.exe to run two or more consoles at the same time. This program will convert the Windows console is your best friend.


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