Copy Handler 1.46 – Download Free

File copy and move functions can be customized thanks to Copy Handler. This open source application is highly customizable and fully integrates into the operating system.

Customize file copy actions

With her Actions such as copying or moving files on a computer can be adapted to different user needs on the progress. The most interesting thing is that these processes can be paused, continued, repeated or canceled at our discretion.

These are some of the features and functions that this program offers us to control everything that has to do with copying files to a computer:

  • Take full control by copying or moving files and folders: pause, continue, cancel, restart …
  • Copy files faster than Windows can.
  • More than 60 different copy options.
  • Continues copying automatically if copying is interrupted by accident.
  • Integration of functions and menus in the operating system.
  • Schedule the shutdown of the equipment and make it shut down when it finishes executing all operations.

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