CopyTrans Contacts 2002 for Windows

CopyTrans Contacts is a tool whose main function is to copy our contact list from iPhone to PC, in the most comfortable, fast and easy way.

The procedure to do this is very simple: we connect the iPhone to the computer using its official cable, we select the contacts we want to pass (or directly the entire contact list), and we click ‘export contacts’. A window will then appear indicating in what format we want to do it, and we can choose between gmail, icloud, excel, yahoo mail … Another very interesting option apart from being able to export contacts is that we can edit them directly from the application. In this way we can update the information of our contacts from a much more comfortable interface than that of the iPhone, since instead of writing on the small touch screen of the terminal, we will do it with our keyboard.

CopyTrans Contacts is a very useful tool, thanks to which we will be able to manage our contacts better than ever. Export, import, edit … we can do everything from its simple interface.


The application allows us to do 25 actions, but we can achieve more if we share on Facebook, Twitter, etc.


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