CopyTrans Photo 4.503 for Windows

CopyTrans Photo is a program that will allow us to transfer photos from iPhone to PC and vice versa, in a fast and comfortable way. Of course, when we talk about photos, videos, ‘time-lapses’, ‘bursts’, panoramas and in general all the multimedia files that we store in the gallery of our Apple device are also included. With a single touch we can make a complete backup.

One of the most interesting aspects of CopyTrans Photo is that it will allow us to work in both directions. Besides being able to transfer all the multimedia content from our iPhone to the PC, we can also send photos and videos from our PC to the iPhone. Doing so is very simple. We just have to select and drag the photos we want to see from one place to another. Depending on the weight of the files, the process will take more or less.

CopyTrans Photo is fully compatible with the HEIC format, used on the iPhone. If we prefer, when transferring our content from the iPhone to the PC, we can convert all the multimedia material in HEIC format to JPG. In this way we will have much more manageable images, which we can upload to any other online platform.

CopyTrans Photo is a very useful program for iPhone users who want to transfer or backup their photos to their Windows computer. Its comfortable interface will make the process quick and easy.


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